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Boyd Arthur

2021 Beneficiary

On March 15, Boyd Arthur of Lynnville went in for the removal of his prostate due to cancer. The surgery was successful, and he was supposed to go home the next day; however, he just never felt quite right.


One week later, he fell very ill and after taking him into emergency exploratory surgery, they found his bowel had been perforated. He then became septic and began the fight of his life. Another surgery led to removing three inches of his intestines and he was then placed in a coma because he was too unstable for the surgeons to reconnect his bowel.

After two days, they were successfully able to reconnect his bowel, but he battled many more complications. After 36 days, he walked for the first time and after seven weeks, he was able to finally eat. He was transferred to a long-term acute care facility to begin regaining his strength and healing. He truly is a miracle!

At the 8th annual Smoke on the Water event, there was $18,000 raised for the Arthur family, which they were extremely grateful for.

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