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Melanie (James) Stielow

2017 Beneficiary

Melanie (James) Stielow is the daughter of Roy & Dianne James. She has two sons, Jeremiah (22) and Samuel (21). Her siblings are Melissa Doll, Monica Cullen, Matt James and Marty James. Melanie grew up on a farm near Montezuma and attended church in Lynnville. After living in California for 27 years, Melanie moved back to Lynnville in August of 2016.


Just a few months after relocating, Melanie was diagnosed with advanced metastatic cancer, stage 4 in both her liver and pelvis as well as stage 3 in her bowel canal. Due to the rareness and severity of Melanie’s cancer, her treatment was aggressive. Ongoing treatment included simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation.

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