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Mike Johnson

2023 Beneficiary

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of Mike's passing in November 2023.

Mike and Jessann Johnson have lived in the Lynnville-Sully community for over 40 years. Mike served his country in the US Marine Corps for 8 years, and up until he had to retire due to his health, he worked at Whirlpool Corporation in the Amanas. In addition, Mike had also faithfully served as the pastor of the Searsboro Community Church – leading Sunday worship services, performing weddings and funerals, and serving many other needs of his congregation and community members. Mike had to recently give up his pastoral duties because of his health issues, however, he remains steadfast in his faith. 

Over the past two years, Mike has undergone several surgeries and other health conditions such as 2 knee replacements, a colostomy, and colostomy reconstruction, surgery to repair 14 hernias, radiation on his vocal cords, and is currently undergoing aggressive chemotherapy for stage 4 cancer in his backbones, liver, and esophagus. Mike and his wife, Jessann, travel frequently to treatments and surgeries all across the state of Iowa. Due to being the primary caretaker of Mike and battling with a permanent back injury herself, Jessann recently had to also retire from her job at Diamond Trail Children’s Center of over 15 years.


Both Mike and Jessann are faithful members of the surrounding communities. Unfortunately, they have been hit very hard over the last two years due to medical battles coupled with inflation of things like gas and everyday expenses. Their faith, courage, and devotion to one another through this tough season of life are truly an inspiration.

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